Q. How may square feet will a specific model heat?
A. Truthfully, that can only be known if the entire floor plan of the home, insulation value and needs are all considered. It is always best to speak with a dealer, tell them about your home and life style and describe what your goals are for heating with wood.
Q. How do I know if my wood is dry and properly seasoned?
A. The use of green or wet wood is the single largest contributor to less than peak performance. The combustion of fuels produces water, regardless of moisture level in your firewood. A piece of dry wood has only so many BTUs and if the wood is greeen or wet, then the combustion process will require heat to eliminate this addded moisture. It is a fact, that wood that has been cut, stacked and dried for two years can still have up to 20% moisture content. In fact for peak heating performance, cutting, splitting and stacking off the ground on pallets should be done at least one year in advance.
Q. Are Blaze King wood stoves mobile home approved?
A. Yes, all Blaze King wood stoves are mobile home approved. Of course this requires the side shields, rear shields or fans, fresh air kit and double wall stove pipes or installation.
Q. How does a fresh air kit help my stove?
A. Since all wood stoves require oxygen for the combustion process, the oxygen most often is obtained from within your home. A fresh air kit brings cold air from outside your home into the air intakes. Doing so assures that enough fresh air is available for efficient combustion. It also means you are not burning the air you have already warmed.
Q. Do you do wood stove installations?
A. YES. As with all our products, we have on staff factory trained installation technicans to assure your stove is properly installed.
Q. How do catalytic wood stoves work?
A. Basically, a substrate material is plated with two or more precious metals. During the combustion process, the gases that are released result in friction between the plated material. This creates extremely high temperatures. Since gases are loaded with energy, the catalyst converts these gases into usable heat for your home.