Q. What are lattice/patio covers made of?

A. Our aluminum lattice/patio covers are manufactured from strong, yet lightweight, aluminum extrusions. They are given a base coat of baked on primer coat, followed by a polyester finish that includes a textured additive , which is also baked on, making it look and feel more like natural wood. This process ensures your Classic Series Patio Cover will look beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

Q. How do I know what size lattice/patio cover to buy?

A. Our design consultants will be happy to visit your location to discuss your plans and needs. They will help you decide on the right size, location and style cover that will best meet your needs. While there, our consultants will be able to give you an accurate price on your project.

Q. What can I use a patio cover for?

A. Patio covers and lattice can be used to provide shade and protection from light rains for your family and friends. As well as protect your car, truck, boat or other vehicle.

Q. Are there any limitations as to size or configuration?

A. No. Our lattice/patio covers are constructed from engineered extruded aluminum. Structural members can be used to increase unsupported spans and can be designed and built in almost unlimited configurations and sized. Our design consultant will be able to make a determination on the spot once he knows your desires. Our professional installers have built thousands of covers and can handle any project.

Q. Will a patio cover/lattice increase the value of my home?

A. Yes. Constructing a shade cover is not only an investment that returns on your home’s value, but it creates the perfect environment for any occasion.

Q. Is there any maintenance needed to keep my lattice/patio cover looking good?

A. No. The unique metallic composition of materials offers not just comfort, but complete peace of mind. Our patio covers need little or no maintenance, are totally weather resistant, and will never crack, warp, or split. Also, there is no need for painting. Our covers are fire resistant, termite resisitant and have unsurpassed durability that will preserve the beauty for years to come.