Q. Do I have to tear my house apart to have my tub redone?

A. No. We install a new acrylic bathtub using your existing tub as a foundation for the new one. We don’t disturb your walls, or your floor. There’s no dust to spread around your house.

Q. Can you do anything about my walls at the time of redoing the tub?

A. Yes.We can custom fit our acrylic wall system with the same beauty and quality as the acrylic tubs.

Q. How is the Luxury Bath System installed and will it make my bath area smaller?

A. Luxury Bath tubliners are installed directly over your existing tub using our proprietary Luxury Bond adhesive that fills in the spaces and air pockets between the existing tub and new liner. It then hardens like a rock for a permanent fit. A new drain and overflow are also installed with the tubliner, along with a silicone gasket for a watertight seal. The walls are installed right over tile, drywall or any substrate that is structurally sound. Because of the custom fit over your existing bath fixtures, you only lose ½” in your enclosure which will not even be noticeable.

Q. What if I have a window in the middle of my enclosure, how do you work around that?

A. The installer would simply cut out a hole in the wall panel to accommodate the window, and then install a custom window trim kit with a sill to provide a finished look. All window trim is formed from low-maintenance acrylic so it will never warp, or mildew.

Q. Do I have to take down my ceramic tile to have new acrylic walls installed?

A. No. We can cover existing ceramic tile with the acrylic, but we do remove any wet, loose, moldy or defective areas to bring your wall up to standard. This way we are not covering any walls that are not sound.

Q. What colors are available for the Luxury Bath Systems?

A. Luxury Bath offers several neutral colors for tubliners and wall surrounds that make it easy for the homeowner to decorate or accent with contemporary colors. Tubliners are available in White, Biscuit, Almond, and Sterling Silver. The walls are available in 19 different colors and patterns including solid colors, marble finishes, simulate acrylic tile and solid acrylic granites.

Q. Can a one-piece fiberglass tub be replaced?

A. Yes. We can replace that outdated one-piece fiberglass with a new, high-quality bathtub.